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Loaded March is a story based on Arthurian legends and the BBC Merlin TV show set in the present day. Within this story, there are fire fights, spies, undercover agents, magic, and plot twists that'll make your head spin.  There are fifteen parts to this epic story, with a word count of 1,205,326 (which doesn't even count the extras that the Queen has written).

This fanfiction by Footloose has grown and grown--just as its fan following. Explore this site, so you can keep your head on straight through all of the plot's twists and turns.

Be warned, this is not a spoiler-free wiki. Especially while it's just being put together because there is stuff everywhere and in no real order.
PLEASE ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS WIKI IS NOT WRITTEN BY FOOTLOOSE HERSELF BUT BY THE LM HIVE MIND. All included facts are not finally approved and headcanons may occur (although they are typically marked as such).  Due to the nature of Loaded March, there will be new content added continuosly as we sift through the story and add each detail to this site.

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Captain Arthur Pendragon has put together the best team of specialists that the SAS has ever seen, but when his superiors assign Lieutenant Merlin Emrys as his communications officer, Arthur does everything to make him feel unwelcome. Arthur's job is to protect and guide his team through dangerous missions, and he worries that he can't do that when the newest member has a mysterious background and acts suspicious when he thinks no one is looking.

As their assignments become more dangerous, Merlin can't help but to use his magic to keep his team -- even his prat of a Captain -- safe from threats they couldn't possibly understand. But when they are sent on a undercover operation against a group of zealots intent on a magical apocalypse, Merlin needs to confront his fear of discovery and derision, and to finally trust his team with his secret.

Arthur and Merlin rely on each other for more than the sake of their mission. The entire world is at stake. When they learn -- from dragons, no less -- that they are prophesied to restore the balance of magic to the world, they fight on regardless of the outcome, because duty, honour and loyalty is a far stronger driving force than destiny. 

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